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WorldMillions lotto has the biggest guaranteed weekly jackpot that you can find. You can win a whopping 100 million euros on Sundays, and 50 million euros on Thursdays.

WorldMillions is a totally new lotto and its first draw was on Thursday 2nd February 2017. It is a very nice addition to the big lotteries like ÉuroMillions, PowerBall, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions and El Gordo, of which we have also information here at WorldMillions lottery is created and launched by Lottoland.

We’ve gathered the basic information about WorldMillions below. But if you are in a hurry, feel free to jump straight to 5 quick facts about WorldMillions.

How to play WorldMillions lotto?

You can play WorldMillions always and only online, and the players will choose the ticket numbers by themselves. You have to choose a set of eight numbers, for example: 12345678. To win the jackpot, the exact same number has to be drawn.

In WorldMillions lotto you also have an option to choose the price of the ticket. By paying the full price, 5 euros on Thursdays or 10 euros on Sundays, you can win the full jackpots, respectively 50 million or 100 million euros.

You can also choose to pay half the price, which would consequently give you half of the winnings. For those who want to play with even smaller bets, there is an option to pay only a tenth of the full price. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of, because if you win the jackpot, you will still be a multimillionaire.

Play WorldMillions now.

How to check WorldMillions results?

You can always find WorldMillions lotto results here at our site, due to the fact that we get the live feed of results to our lotto results page.

You can also check the results at the online lotto site from where you bought the ticket, for example at Lottoland.

WorldMillion prizes

WorldMillions has eight prize tiers. If you aren’t lucky enough to win the jackpot with eight correct, the good news is that you can also win smaller prizes.

Smaller prizes depend on how many numbers you match, reading from the last number to the first. For example, if you buy a 10 euro ticket to the Sunday draw of 100 million euros, and you match the last 6 numbers, you will win 100.000 euros. Or if you match the last 5 numbers, you will win 10.000 euros, and so forth.

Important to know: you can only win one of the prizes, meaning that if you win with the 100.000 euros with the 6 matching numbers, you will not get the prizes from 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 correct.

Check the full prize tables here.

How are WorldMillions lotto numbers drawn?

WorldMillions draw is quite unique, as there isn’t just one draw for the winning number. Instead, the winning numbers are taken from two separate draws.

The first 4 numbers come from the last four numbers of Plus5, which is an extra game to German Keno. The last 4 numbers of WorldMillions draw come from the last four numbers of ToiToiToi, which is an Austrian lotto.

Yep, it is unique, but at the same time it makes WorldMillions lottery draw even more reliable, as the draw cannot be manipulated.

Where can I bet on WorldMillions online?

You can bet on (or play) WorldMillions lotto as long as you have an internet connection. Right now Lottoland is the only site where you can play WorldMillions. Therefore, you need to open an account at Lottoland, which is a very simple task to do. Naturally you need to be over 18 years old to be able to play, like in any online gambling.

5 quick facts about WorldMillions lotto

To summarize what WorldMillions is all about and how it works:

  • You choose your lucky ticket with an eight digit number. This ticket is unique and only for you.
  • Price of the tickets are from 0,50 euros up to 10 euros. You can decide if you buy full, half or a tenth of a ticket.
  • You can win a 50 million euro jackpot on Thursdays, or 100 million euros on Sundays. No need to wait for the jackpot to grow, due to guaranteed weekly jackpots.
  • WorldMillions is a global lottery, which you can play only online, founded by Lottoland, a licensed lotto provider.
  • Odds to win the jackpot is 1 in 100.000.000

“Fun Fact”

The average lottery winner buys 4.5 new cars for either themselves or friends and family, while 10 per cent buy more than 10. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

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Worldmillions lotto

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