People tend to have their lucky numbers for different games – even for lottery. I’m sure you have one as well, even if you don’t believe in luck or faith! But how do people choose their lucky numbers?

Top 5 ways to choose your lucky numbers

  1. Favorite sports player: Got a childhood idol or local sports legend? Hit that person number in your lotto ticket and expect to win, like your idol does.
  2. Birthdays: What could be more lucky than your birthday? Maybe you also want to put your children and grandchildren birthdays on the ticket. If you win a jackpot you can share the winnings with them.
  3. International lucky number: Lucky number seven, 13, one. Trust one of these international lucky numbers?
  4. Number of family members: Two sister, wife and four kids? Perfect! Hit number 7 on your lottery slip.
  5. The lucky one: Already have a number that has brought you lucky in the past? Don’t leave it out – always lock your very own lucky number.
lucky numbers

A four leaf clover represents luck.


Chinese lucky numbers

In Chinese culture basic number from zero to 10 are ¬†considered either positive or negative – this is because how the numbers are¬†associated to Chinese words. The more lucky numbers are 0, 2, 3, 5, 6,¬†7, 8 and 9. All these numbers in Chinese language when pronounced are associated to positive meanings. For example number 3 sounds close to “birth” and number 2 is close to “bright” and “easy”. Number 2 is also considered exceptionally lucky. In Chinese belief all good things come in pairs.

On the other side the unlucky numbers in the Chinese numerology are 4, 5 and seven. Despite being internationally considered as a lucky number, number 7 is considered unlucky within Chinese culture due to the word being close to sounding like the ones meaning “deceive” and “to leave”.

International lucky numbers

You might think 13 is considered as an unlucky number but despite general belief it is actually a lucky number in many parts of the world.

People from Italy, Spain, United States, UK, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden all consider 13 as a lucky number. Especially in Sweden the number has history – Swedish people think all good things come in threes (very different from the Chinese belief).

Russian consider all odd numbers (1,3,5 and so on) lucky while even numbers are unlucky.

You might think that 7 is a lucky number where ever you go. This is not true however. Based on the insights across various countries – number 13 actually seems to be the more lucky number.

Are you ready to decide your lucky numbers? Check how to play lotto here and good luck!

lucky number 13

lucky number 13