You can find more info about how to check lotto results below. It is important to only follow official results when checking did you win.


  1. The official lotto results are given by the organizers of the particular lotto, not by anybody else.
  2. Official lotto results are shown quickest by the organizers – don’t waste your time by checking anywhere else.
  3. Official organizers are responsible of providing the correct results, you should trust only them.

We here at enjoy checking our own tickets with various techniques. Please see below for more profiles of lotto players, what kind of player are you?

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Checking lotto results is the best part of lotto!

Fun techniques for checking lotto results:

  1. SqueezerSqueezers check one number at a time, while hiding all the other numbers. It is critical that you practice this method properly, so that there is no chance that you would see multiple numbers at same time. You also want to avoid talking to your friends and family about the lotto results until you have checked you own. This technique can also be applied online.
  2. Family man: Family prints out his lottery tickets and hangs them on the kitchen fridge for all family to check. Kids love to check some numbers with you.
  3. Ticket shop surprise: Just walk right back to the ticket shop after the draw has taken place with your lotto ticket. That moment when your ticket is checked by the clerk and their machine will just stop the time for that single moment.
  4. Sticking to “new school”: Why bother with old analogue techniques? Just log in to your chosen online lotto providers website and get ready to be a millionaire.

What fun technique from above would you prefer? Tell us now!

My favorite fun technique for checking lottery tickets is

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