WorldMillions is the newest and biggest lottery online, launched in February 2017. It is a very unique lotto due to it’s guaranteed weekly prize pool of a whopping 150 million euros. The lucky draw is on every Thursday and Sunday. On Thursdays, there’s a 50 million euro draw, and on Sundays a 100 million euro draw. You can play and win by buying tickets from online lottery companies such as Lottoland.

Do you know what makes WorldMillions lotto so special?

The fact that only one person can win the jackpot! This is of course really good for the winner, since the winner doesn’t have to share the prize with anyone else.

Interested in trying?

Great! Continue reading if you want to know how to play and possibly win a life changing jackpot. Here’s also quick links to the content of this article:

How to play WorldMillions lotto?

First of all, you can play WorldMillions only online. Secondly, Lottoland is the only site where you can buy tickets right now. Lottoland is a licensed online lotto provider that offers the widest variety of online lotteries.

Playing is easy:

  • You need to have an account at Lottoland (You can open one here)
  • Then you choose an eight-digit number, per one lotto ticket
  • You can decide if you want to participate to Thursday draw of 50 million euros, or Sunday draw of 100 million euros. Or you can choose both.
  • Price for Thursday draw is 5 euros and Sunday 10 euros.
  • You also have an option to only pay ½ or 1/10 of the price. But if you do this, it means that your winnings will also be half, or one tenth, of the maximum win.
  • Draw is at 18.30 CET on Tuesdays, and at 18.00 CET on Sundays.
WorldMillions lotto ticket betslip

Example of WorldMillions ticket

How much is WorldMillions jackpot?

The jackpot is always guaranteed at 50 million euros on Thursdays and 100 million on Sundays. This guarantee makes WorldMillions one of the best, if not the best, lotteries in the market.


Because of the guaranteed jackpot, you don’t have to wait for the jackpot to grow after someone has won it. This is opposite to Eurojackpot, Euromillions or PowerBall lotteries, in which you normally need to wait multiple weeks or even months until the jackpot reaches tens of millions.

Furthermore, think about this:

Has it ever happened to you, that you forgot to buy your lotto ticket when the jackpot was big?

Worry no more! As a result of the guaranteed weekly jackpots, you will never miss out on the big prizes. Got it? Great!

How to win?

In WorldMillions lotto you choose an eight-digit number, and the target is to get all of the eight numbers correct. You can also win smaller prizes, depending on how many consecutive numbers you match, looking from the last number.

For example:
You bought ticket with number 12345678, and the official draw came 00000678. You hit the last three numbers, which gives you a win of 100€.

Keep on reading, because now we will go thru the prizes and payout table!

WorldMillions prizes and payout table

In the below tables you can find all prizes, both for Thursday’s and Sunday’s draw.

Match all 8 numbers = 50.000.000 euros

Match last 7 numbers = 500.000 euros

Match last 6 numbers = 50.000 euros

Match last 5 numbers = 5.000 euros

Match last 4 numbers = 500 euros

Match last 3 numbers = 50 euros

Match last 2 numbers = 7,50 euros

Match last number = 5 euros

Match all 8 numbers = 100.000.000 euros

Match last 7 numbers = 1.000.000 euros

Match last 6 numbers = 100.000 euros

Match last 5 numbers = 10.000 euros

Match last 4 numbers = 1.000 euros

Match last 3 numbers = 100 euros

Match last 2 numbers = 15 euros

Match last number = 10 euros

Please remember, that you don’t have to always buy the full ticket prize if you think that it is too expensive. As we mentioned earlier, you can also buy half of a ticket, or one tenth of a ticket.

If you would hit the Sunday jackpot, with half of a ticket (price 5 euros), your winning would be still a “rather nice” amount of 50 million euros. Even with tenth of the ticket (price 1 euro) your winning would be a life changing 10 million euros. Not bad, eh?

How to check WorldMillions results?

Checking results is the most exciting part of playing lotto. We have gathered all the results here on lotto results page. We hope that you are the lucky one!

Where was WorldMillions won?

As of yet, there hasn’t been any jackpot winners yet. But when when it happens, and if you want to know in which country was the latest winner from, please refer to our results page. From lotto results page you can find all the past winners and results, even for other big lotteries.

Where can I play WorldMillions lotto?

WorldMillions is a global lotto, and only available online. Due to its online nature, you can participate to it from all over the world. You can play WorldMillions currently in the following online lotto sites:

  • Lottoland

Update: Playing WorldMillions in Australia is now also possible since April 2017.

How are WorldMillions numbers drawn?

Actually, there is no specific WorldMillions draw, but instead, the winning numbers are taken from two different national lotteries. This way the WorldMillions draw is 100% reliable and transparent, because no-one can influence the winning numbers in any ways.

The first four digits of WorldMillions are taken from last four numbers of Plus5 in Germany. And the last four digits of WorldMillions are taken from the last four digits of ToiToiToi in Austria.

When is the draw?

There’s two draws per week: one on Thursday, with the main prize of 50 million euros. And the other on Sundays with an amazing 100 million euros guaranteed main prize.

What time is WorldMillions lotto draw?

The lotto draw is always on the following times:

  • Tuesdays at 18.30 CET
  • Sundays at 18.00 CET

Find out what time it is in your local time here.

A FAQ style recap of WorldMillions

Q: How much is a ticket?

A: Ticket prizes vary from 0.5 euros up to 10 euros.

Q: How to pick numbers?

A: It is very simple, just choose an eight-digit number, and wish for the best.

Q: Who can play?

A: WorldMillions is a global lotto that is played in almost all countries. Exception countries where you cannot play are the following:

  • USA

Q: Where to watch the draw?

A: You cannot really watch it anywhere, because there isn’t just one specific draw for WolrdMillions. The winning numbers come from two separate lotteries.

Q: What is lotto?

A: Check this Lotto page out, and you will learn a lot about lotto and lotteries.

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