A “must-win” Jackpot in UK lottery

The national lottery in UK has a rule of a “must-win” jackpot. It was enforced again this May 2017 under new draw rules.

A must-win jackpot in UK national lottery

The national lottery in UK (run by Camelot) introduced a £22M cap in the national lottery. This came after increasing the amount of balls used in the draw. The public was not happy with the increase of balls in the draw – dropping chances of winning the Jackpot from 14 million to 1 – to 45 million to one (previous cap in jackpot was £50M)

A must-win jackpot means: If the jackpot isn’t won in 10 consecutive draws in the next draw the jackpot has to be won. If there are no eligible jackpot winners, the next winning tier gets the jackpot (in UK case 5 correct numbers + bonus ball).

How does a must-win jackpot affect the odds?

If you play in a must win UK national lottery draw you are six times more likely to win the jackpot!

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